Hey families of Royal City Camp Week campers!

As time has gone on this summer, we’ve only become more and more sad that camp week wasn’t able to happen this year – we’re sure you’ve had some of those feelings as well. Some of us organizers of camp, including Church of the City and Guelph YFC, have come up with something that we hope will be a fun experience for last year’s campers and will let you know that we miss you all and look forward to next year!

What: A couple of hours of (physically-distanced) fun in the park playing games from camp and catching up with other campers.
When: August 8th, 10am-12pm (Brant Ave), or 2pm-4pm (Two Rivers).
Where: Dakota Park (Brant Ave) or York Road Park (Two Rivers).
How: Register below! Event is FREE! 

A couple of extra notes: please bring a mask! We’ll break the group into smaller cohorts and do our very best with physical distancing, but a mask is still a good idea (we’ll have extras on hand if you forget). When you show up we’ll have a check-in station set up where we can ask you a few COVID screening questions and you can sanitize before joining in. Last, there won’t be washrooms available on site, so go beforehand!

Full YFC Covid-19 safety policy can be found here.