Hey Southbound and YFC friends! Since we can’t hang out together, we’ll be running our own Minecraft server! We’d love for you to join us!

You can sign on with your phone or tablet (Pocket Edition), Nintendo Switch, or PC (Windows 10 Edition).

Note: Windows Java Edition (classic) is not compatible. If you bought Java before October 2018, you can get Win 10 version for free. Hacked (free) versions also won’t work.

The server and Discord channel are moderated by staff.

How To Join

In Minecraft, select “Play”, then “Servers”, then “Add Server” .

Server Name: Youth Unlimited
Server Address:
Port: 25575

If you do not have a port line (such as on PC), add the Port number after a colon, like this:

Server Address:

Server Times

Connect with us on Discord for current server times, Realms times, and other gaming times.

Voice Chat & Server Updates on Discord

Join our text/voice chat on Discord, whether you’re playing or not. Discord channel is moderated by YFC staff. This is also the best way to find out when the server is up outside of scheduled times.