Due to COVID-19, all in-person programming has been cancelled until April 5, 2020. Alternative online programming info can be found by clicking here.

We are constantly connected on digital media… but are we truly connecting in an authentic way with others?  GRL offers a break from the likes and followers by creating a place to get REAL sharing what’s going on in our lives, “following” along in each other’s journey!

This holistic program will cover topics like school pressures, relationships, anxiety, home, body image, and we’re even going to get a chance to practically workout our stress and body thoughts by… well, working out!  We will be spending some time at The Vault Barbell Club with some strong women there.  Time will also be spent talking about hope & trust in difficult times.

Program Details:

Wednesdays, after school until 5 pm
Location: Guelph YFC in St. Andrew’s Church, 161 Norfolk Street (text Karen to get in)
Grades 9-12