With a new decade, we are excited to reveal the new branding and logo of Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited across Canada! Beginning immediately, you will notice three changes: 1) A brand new logo that you’ll begin to see all over the place; 2) The adoption of the Youth Unlimited name with YFC Guelph; 3) You’ll recognize that other programs across Canada are also a part of the same organization!

The Story of our Logo

Our new logo is an abstract take on the speech bubble, combined with an upward facing arrow, integrating bold angles that reinforce the movement towards Christ. This bold icon represents the upward moving conversations staff and volunteers have with youth through programs and relationships.

Why We Like the Name “Youth Unlimited”

  • Connotes acceptance and non-denominationalism
  • Celebratory, speaks to the unwavering ability our youth have
  • Speaks to an individual’s potential–there’s nothing they can’t do

Youth for Christ is the name of our international movement that started in the United States and Canada in 1944. This bold name was born in a time when going to church was a normative cultural activity and the world was just recovering from the end of its second World War.

Over time, Youth for Christ started using national program names as operating names such as “Campus Life” to enable the ministry to reach youth in community settings when the culture became more secular, and schools and other public settings were seeking to distance themselves from ties to religious groups.

In the 1990’s, the name Youth Unlimited emerged in Toronto and Vancouver which enabled these chapters to continue to grow in public settings. By the mid-2000’s, over a quarter of YFC Chapters were using the Youth Unlimited operating name and in 2006, YFC Canada entered into a trademark agreement with Dynamic Youth Ministries for a limited use of the name Youth Unlimited across all chapters in Canada. Youth for Christ Canada acquired full rights to the name in 2019.

Youth Unlimited as an operating name is aspirational and speaks of an individual’s unlimited potential in Christ. It is easy to use in multicultural settings and around cultural and political divides. Youth Unlimited is now a registered trademark of Youth for Christ Canada.

We hope you will join us in our excitement for our fresh new look, as we continue to boldly follow our mission: To see every young person living fully in Christ, and to see the hope and potential in every young person!