Autumn Fundraisers (Butter Tarts, Fashion Show, Fall Classic)

As autumn kicks into full gear, we have three exciting ways to participate in and support the ministry of Guelph YFC! We have the tasty one, the artsy one, and the athletic one.

The Tasty One

Ever wanted to eat for a good cause? Now you can with our Thanksgiving Butter Tart Sale! These aren’t just any old butter tarts; they’re Strom’s Farm & Bakery butter tarts! You can order your tarts in advance and they will be ready for pickup just in time for Thanksgiving. Get ready to butter up that tarty in-law with this tasty treat! Order your butter tarts HERE. Butter tarts are available for order now through October 1st.

The Artsy One

On October 18th, Silveri Jewellers will host the Silveri Fall Fashion Show in support of the our ArtGirls program. It will take place at Silveri Jewellers (995 Paisley Road, Guelph) at 7 pm. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered in-store or online HERE.

The Athletic One

The last event we’d like to pitch to you is our first annual Guelph Fall Classic baseball tournament. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but don’t drop the ball on this opportunity to have fun a make a difference! We really can’t run without you! To find out more, or to register your team, click HERE.

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